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We think we know where the global industry is heading to. But did you, being the decision maker of your company, gave this a thought, ever? Our Company is specialized in data acquisition of your lower level data-providers and we are able to create for you a taylor-made programme. Anticipating to your needs and budget.We are experienced in disclosing data from industrial sensors in the field, writing control algorithms in various languages, up to presenting intelligent and responsive, taylor-made dashboards.

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What to expect?

Where can you find the information you need, to be informed and to prepare yourself? What do you need to know?
Can your organisation coop with these changes, soon to be mandatory. Can your organisation carry the budget, needed for this change?
Can you find the right IT-expert(s), who do understand your business and those of your Clients?
That enlighten you during this comprehensive transition.

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More and more it becomes clear that a BIG change is about to take place in the global, industrial realm. The new powers to be are directing our world swiftly and unmistakably to a 'total control' situation. We will face in a very short time-frame new technologies and new 'data-carrier technology', like 5G-networking. We will face within a couple of years from now smart cities, where EVERYTHING is connected with each other (Internet of Things, or IoT) The Industry in itself will be obliged to follow or even perhaps take the lead. Under the umbrella of the United Nations, the IoT-Agenda has been pushed for some years now. Don't wait too long to adapt your organization to the new set standards. The kicked-off movement is already labeled as a revolutionary development (Industrial Revolution 4.0 or Industry 4.0). A vast amount of organizations, ranging from small to medium sized, will act too late and will then have to fight for survival i.e. right to existance. Make sure that you are not one of those companies.
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